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As an important manufacturer and exporter in China, SIEMPU has been specializing in supplying high-quality home products, including industrial valve, silicone bakeware, microfiber cleaning products, and water filters. Our products have been exporting to more than 20 countries all over the world, including USA, Europe, Asia, Middle East, South America, South Africa etc., and have gained a good reputation in these markets.

SIEMPU has strong production capability and QC to ensure you receive satisfactory goods. With 3 holding factories, producing industrial valves, microfiber cleaning products, silicone bakeware separately, and more than 15 joint-venture factories producing other different products, like water filters, steel valves, plastics products etc., we are able to source reliable products for our clients in time and at a competitive price. We also conduct strict quality assurance testing through factory evaluations, lab testing, on-site production monitoring, and multiple inspections. We guarantee your satisfaction from A to Z. [more info]

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